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SPH: Biostatistics

School Of Public Health

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LPG stove and fuel intervention among pregnant women reduce fine particle air pollution exposures in three countries: Pilot results from the HAPIN trial

by Lance Waller; Azhar Nizam; Usha Ramakrishnan; Penelope Howards; Jeremy Sarnat; Lisa Elon; Lisa Thompson; P Ryan; Nelson Steenland; Ajay Pillarisetti; Thomas Clasen; Sheela Sinharoy; Dana Barr; J Liao; MA Kirby; R Piedrahita; K Balakrishnan; S Sambandam; K Mukhopadhyay; W Ye; G Rosa; F Majorin; E Dusabimana; F Ndagijimana; JP McCracken; E Mollinedo; O de Leon; A Diaz-Artiga; KA Kearns; L Naeher; J Rosenthal; ML Clark; W Checkley; JL Peel; M Johnson



Selecting External Controls for Internal Cases Using Stratification Score Matching Methods

by Lance Waller; SA Busgang; E Colicino; R D'Agostino Jr; I Hertz-Picciotto; C Gennings



17 beta-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1:2 and breast cancer recurrence: a Danish population-based study

by Lance Waller; Michael Goodman; Timothy Lash; Lauren McCullough; LJ Collin; SP Ulrichsen; TP Ahern; K Bang Christensen; P Damkier; S Hamilton-Dutoit; KL Lauridsen; R Yacoub; PM Christiansen; B Ejlertsen; HT Sorensen; DP Cronin-Fenton



Dry Season Production of Filariasis and Dengue Vectors in American Samoa and Comparison with Wet Season Production

by Barrot H. Lambdin; Mark A,. Schmaedick; Shannon McClintock; Jacqueline Roberts; Nil E. Gurr; Kenneth Marcos; Lance Waller; TR Burkot