Larry B Vogler MD

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Asc Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus

SOM: Peds: Rheumatology

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Symptoms of periodontitis and antibody responses to Porphyromonas gingivalis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

by Lauren Lange; Geoffrey M. Thiele; Courtney McCracken; Gabriel Wang; Lori A. Ponder; Sheila Angeles-Han; Kelly Rouster Stevens; Aimee O. Hersh; Larry Vogler; John F. Bohnsack; Shelly Abramowicz; Ted R. Mikuls; Sampath Prahalad



Serum S100A8/A9 and S100A12 Levels in Children With Polyarticular Forms of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Relationship to Maintenance of Clinically Inactive Disease During Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Therapy and Occurrence of Disease Flare After Discontinuation of Therapy

by Larry Vogler; Kelly Rouster Stevens; Calvin Williams; CH Hinze; D Foell; AL Johnson; SJ Spalding; BS Gottlieb; PW Morris; Y Kimura; K Onel; SC Li; AA Grom; J Taylor; HI Brunner; JL Huggins; JJ Nocton; KA Haines; BS Edelheit; M Shishov; LK Jung; MS Tesher; DM Costanzo; LS Zemel; JA Dare; MH Passo; KC Ede; JC Olson; EA Cassidy; TA Griffin; L Wagner-Weiner; JE Weiss; KA Rouster-Stevens; T Beukelman; RQ Cron; D Kietz; K Schikler; J Mehta; TV Ting; JW Verbsky; AB Eberhard; B Huang; EH Giannini; DJ Lovell



Susceptibility to childhood onset rheumatoid arthritis: Investigation of a weighted genetic risk score that integrates cumulative effects of variants at five genetic loci

by Sampath Prahalad; Karen N Conneely; Yunxuan Jiang; Marc Sudman; Carol A. Wallace; Milton R Brown; Lori A. Ponder; Mina Rohani-Pichavant; Michael Zwick; David J Cutler; Sheila Angeles-Han; Larry B Vogler; Christine Kennedy; Kelly A. Rouster Stevens; Carol A. Wise; Marilynn Punaro; Ann M. Reed; Elizabeth D. Mellins; John F. Bohnsack; David N. Glass; Susan D. Thompson