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SPH: Epidemiology

School Of Public Health

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Incident Heart Failure Prediction in the Elderly: The Health ABC Heart Failure Score

by Javed Butler; Andreas Kalogeropoulos; Vasiliki (Vicki) Georgiopoulou; Rhonda Belue; Nicolas Rodondi; Melissa Garcia; Douglas C. Bauer; Suzanne Satterfield; Andrew L Smith; Viola Vaccarino; Anne B. Newman; Tamara B. Harris; Peter W Wilson; Stephen B. Kritchevsky



Reducing Health Inequities in the US Recommendations From the NHLBI's Health Inequities Think Tank Meeting

by Uchechukwu K.A. Sampson; Robert M. Kaplan; Richard S. Cooper; Ana V. Diez Roux; James S. Marks; Michael M. Engelgau; Emmanuel Peprah; Helena Mishoe; L. Ebony Boulware; Kaytura L. Felix; Robert M. Califf; John M. Flack; Lisa A. Cooper; J. Nadine Gracia; Jeffrey A. Henderson; Karina W. Davidson; Jerry A. Krishnan; Tene Lewis; Eduardo Sanchez; Naomi L. Luban; Laura Vaccarino



Circulating Progenitor Cells and Racial Differences: A Possible Contribution to Health Disparity

by Ayman Samman Tahhan; Muhammad Hammadah; Heval Mohamed-Kelli; Jeong Hwan Kim; Pratik B. Sandesara; Ayman Alkhoder; Belal Kaseer; Mohamad Mazen Gafeer; Matthew Topel; Salim S. Hayek; Wesley T. O'Neal; Malik Obideen; Yi-An Ko; Chang Liu; Iraj Hesaroieh; Ernestine Mahar; Edmund K Waller; Viola Vaccarino; Arshed Quyyumi



Association between oxidative stress and atrial fibrillation

by Ayman Samman Tahhan; Pratik B. Sandesara; Salim S. Hayek; Ayman Alkhoder; Kaavya Chivukula; Muhammad Hammadah; Heval Mohamed-Kelli; Wesley T. O'Neal; Matthew Topel; Nima Ghasemzadeh; Yi-An Ko; Hiroshi Aida; Mazen Gafeer; Laurence Sperling; Viola Vaccarino; Yongliang Liang; Dean Jones; Arshed Quyyumi



Design and baseline data from the vanguard of the Comparison of Depression Interventions after Acute Coronary Syndrome (CODIACS) randomized controlled trial

by William Whang; Matthew M. Burg; Robert M. Carney; Kenneth E. Freedland; J. Thomas Bigger; Diane Catellier; Susan Czajkowski; Nancy Frasure-Smith; Donald C. Haas; Allan S. Jaffe; Francois Lesperance; Vivian Medina; Joan Duer-Hefele; Gabrielle A. Osorio; Faith Parsons; Peter A. Shapiro; David S. Sheps; Viola Vaccarino; Karina W. Davidson



Effect of a Pharmacist Intervention on Clinically Important Medication Errors after Hospital Discharge: A Randomized Controlled Trial

by Sunil Kripalani; Christianne L. Roumie; Anuj K Dalal; Courtney Cawthon; Alexandra Businger; Sveltlana Eden; Ayumi Shintani; Kelly Cunningham Sponsler; L. Jeff Harris; Cecelia Theobald; Robert L. Huang; Danielle Scheurer; Susan Hunt; Terry A Jacobson; Kimberly J Rask; Viola Vaccarino; Tejal K Gandhi; David W Bates; Mark V. Williams; Jeffrey Schnipper



The Association between Depression and Leptin is Mediated by Adiposity

by Alanna A. Morris; Yusuf Ahmed; Neli Stoyanova; W. Craig Hooper; Christine De Staerke; Gary Gibbons; Rebecca Din-Dzietham; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Viola Vaccarino