Laurence S Sperling MD


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Reducing the burden of disease and death from familial hypercholesterolemia: A call to action

by Joshua W. Knowles; Emily C. O'Brien; Karen Greendale; Katherine Wilemon; Jacques Genest; Laurence Sperling; William A. Neal; Daniel J. Rader; Muin J. Khoury



Clinician-Patient Risk Discussion for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

by Seth S. Martin; Laurence Sperling; Michael J. Blaha; Peter Wilson; Ty J. Gluckman; Roger S. Blumenthal; Neil J. Stone



Socioeconomic Status and Cardiovascular Outcomes Challenges and Interventions

by William M. Schultz; Heval M. Kelli; John C. Lisko; Tina Varghese; Jia Shen; Pratik Sandesara; Arshed Ali Quyyumi; Herman A. Taylor; Martha Gulati; John G. Harold; Jennifer H. Mieres; Keith C. Ferdinand; George A Mensah; Laurence Sperling



Circulating soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor levels and peripheral arterial disease outcomes

by Ayman Samman Tahhan; Salim S. Hayek; Pratik Sandesara; Jamal Hajjari; Muhammad Hammadah; Wesley T. O'Neal; Heval M. Kelli; Ayman Alkhoder; Nima Ghasemzadeh; Yi-An Ko; Hiroshi Aida; Mohamad Mazen Gafeer; Naser Abdelhadi; Kareem Hosny Mohammed; Keyur Patel; Shipra Arya; Jochen Reiser; Viola Vaccarino; Laurence S Sperling; Arshed Ali Quyyumi



Association Between Living in Food Deserts and Cardiovascular Risk

by Heval M. Kelli; Muhammad Hammadah; Hina Ahmed; Yi-An Ko; Matthew Topel; Ayman Samman-Tahhan; Mossab Awad; Keyur Patel; Kareem Mohammed; Laurence S Sperling; Priscilla Pemu; Viola Vaccarino; Tene T. Lewis; Herman A. Taylor; Greg Martin; Gary H. Gibbons; Arshed Ali Quyyumi



Assessing use of patient-focused pharmacotherapy in glycemic management through the Diabetes Collaborative Registry (DCR)

by Suzanne V. Arnold; Darren K. McGuire; Silvio E. Lnzucchi; Fengming Tang; Sanjeev N. Mehta; Carolyn S. P. Lam; Abhinav Goyal; Laurence Sperling; Nathan D. Wong; Niklas Hammar; Peter Fenici; Mikhail Kosiborod



Mechanisms underlying the J-curve for diastolic blood pressure: Subclinical myocardial injury and immune activation

by Matthew Topel; Pratik B. Sandesara; Eric Stahl; Salim S. Hayek; Ayman Samman Tahhan; Wesley T. O'Neal; Yi-An Ko; Ayman Alkhoder; Mohamad Mazen Gafeer; Jonathan Kim; Peter Wilson; Leslee Shaw; Stephen E. Epstein; Viola Vaccarino; Laurence Sperling; Arshed Quyyumi