Lawrence Scahill MSN, PhD


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Reliability and validity of the Pediatric Anxiety Rating Scale modified for autism spectrum disorder

by Karen Bearss; Lawrence Scahill; BB Maddox; L Lecavalier; JS Miller; J Pritchett; J Hollway; SW White; S Gillespie; AN Evans; RT Schultz; JD Herrington



Effect of behavior therapy for Tourette's disorder on psychiatric symptoms and functioning in adults

by Lawrence Scahill; JF McGuire; EJ Ricketts; S Wilhelm; DW Woods; J Piacentini; JT Walkup; AL Peterson



Anxiety in 3-to 7-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder seeking treatment for disruptive behavior

by Denis G. Sukhodolsky; Luc Lecavalier; Cynthia Johnson; Tristram Smith; Karen Bearss; Naomi Swiezy; Carla B. Kalvin; Lawrence Scahill



Investigating Habituation to Premonitory Urges in Behavior Therapy for Tic Disorders

by David C. Houghton; Matthew R. Capriotti; Lawrence Scahill; Sabine Wilhelm; Alan L. Peterson; John T. Walkup; John Piacentini; Douglas W. Woods



Overweight and obese status in children with autism spectrum disorder and disruptive behavior

by Kristen Criado; William Sharp; Courtney E. McCracken; Oana De Vinck-Baroody; Liansai Dong; Michael G. Aman; Christopher J. McDougle; James T. McCracken; L. Eugene Arnold; Carol Weitzman; John M. Leventhal; Benedetto Vitiello; Lawrence Scahill



Editors' Note and Special Communication: Research Priorities in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Emerging From the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Lawrence Scahill; DK Novins; J Stoddard; RR Althoff; A Charach; S Cortese; KR Cullen; JA Frazier; SJ Glatt; SW Henderson; RJ Herringa; L Hulvershorn; C Kieling; AB McBride; E McCauley; CM Middeldorp; AM Reiersen; CM Rockhill; AJ Sagot; E Simonoff; SE Stewart; E Szigethy; JH Taylor; T White; BT Zima



Homework adherence predicts therapeutic improvement from behavior therapy in Tourette?s disorder

by Lawrence Scahill; JK-Y Essoe; EJ Ricketts; KA Ramsey; J Piacentini; DW Woods; AL Peterson; S Wilhelm; JT Walkup; JF McGuire



Toward Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Systemic Solutions to Improve Outcomes and Well-Being of Military Families Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

by Ami Klin; Amy M. Wetherby; Juliann Woods; Celine Saulnier; Jennifer Stapel-Wax; Cheryl Klaiman; Warren Jones; Emily Rubin; Lawrence Scahill; Nathan Call; Karen Bearss; Christie Gunter; Charles J. Courtemanche; Anthony F. Lemieux; James C. Cox; David S. Mandell; James P. Van Decar; Ronald A. Miller; Cherri L. Shireman