Lars Ruthotto

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Asst Professor

ECAS: Mathematics

Emory College

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Example dataset for the hMRI toolbox

by Lars Ruthotto; MF Callaghan; A Lutti; J Ashburner; E Balteau; N Corbin; B Draganski; G Helms; F Kherif; T Leutritz; S Mohammadi; C Phillips; E Reimer; M Seif; K Tabelow; G Ziegler; N Weiskopf



hMRI - A toolbox for quantitative MRI in neuroscience and clinical research

by Karsten Tabelow; Evelyne Balteau; John Ashburner; Martina F. Callaghan; Bogdan Draganski; Gunther Helms; Ferath Kherif; Tobias Leutritz; Antoine Lutti; Christophe Phillips; Enrico Reimer; Lars Ruthotto; Maryam Seif; Nikolaus Weiskopf; Gabriel Ziegler; Siawoosh Mohammadi