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Consensus recommendations for the use of retinoids in ichthyosis and other disorders of cornification in children and adolescents

by Leslie Lawley; AL Zaenglein; ML Levy; NS Stefanko; LT Benjamin; AL Bruckner; K Choate; BG Craiglow; JJ DiGiovanna; LF Eichenfield; P Elias; P Fleckman; RA Lewis; AW Lucky; EF Mathes; LM Milstone; AS Paller; SS Patel; DH Siegel; J Teng; SA Tanumihardjo; L Thaxton; ML Williams



Risk Factors and Outcomes of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer in Children and Young Adults

by Leslie Lawley; JT Huang; CC Coughlin; EB Hawryluk; K Hook; SR Humphrey; L Kruse; H Al-Sayegh; WB London; A Marghoob; TL Phung; E Pope; P Gerami; B Schmidt; S Robinson; D Bartenstein; E Bahrani; M Brahmbhatt; L Chen; E Haddock; D Mansour; J Nguyen; T Raisanen; G Tran; K Travis; Z Wolner; LF Eichenfield