Leslie Lawley MD


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Consensus recommendations for the use of retinoids in ichthyosis and other disorders of cornification in children and adolescents

by Andrea L Zaenglein; Moise L Levy; Nicole S Stefanko; Latanya T Benjamin; Anna L Bruckner; Keith Choate; Brittany G Craiglow; John J DiGiovanna; Lawrence F Eichenfield; Peter Elias; Philip Fleckman; Leslie Lawley; Richard A Lewis; Anne W Lucky; Erin F Mathes; Leonard M Milstone; Amy S Paller; Sonali S Patel; Dawn H Siegel; Joyce Teng; Sherry A Tanumihardjo; Lauren Thaxton; Mary L Williams



Risk Factors and Outcomes of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer in Children and Young Adults

by Jennifer T Huang; Carrie C Coughlin; Elena B Hawryluk; Kristen Hook; Stephen R Humphrey; Lacey Kruse; Leslie Lawley; Hasan Al-Sayegh; Wendy B London; Ashfaq Marghoob; Thuy L Phung; Elena Pope; Pedram Gerami; Birgitta Schmidt; Sarah Robinson; Diana Bartenstein; Eman Bahrani; Meera Brahmbhatt; Lily Chen; Ellen Haddock; Danny Mansour; Julie Nguyen; Tom Raisanen; Gary Tran; Kate Travis; Zachary Wolner; Lawrence F Eichenfield