Lauren McCullough PhD, MSPH


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Understanding gastrointestinal cancer mortality disparities in a racially and geographically diverse population

by Rebecca Nash; Maria Russell; Jasmine M Miller-Kleinhenz; Lindsay J Collin; Katherine Ross-Driscoll; Jeffrey Switchenko; Lauren McCullough



Overall and cause-specific mortality rates among men and women with high exposure to indoor air pollution from the use of smoky and smokeless coal: a cohort study in Xuanwei, China

by Teja Nagaradona; Bryan A Bassig; Dean Hosgood; Roel CH Vermeulen; Bofu Ning; Wei Jie Seow; Wei Hu; Lützen Portengen; Jason Wong; Xiao-Ou Shu; Wei Zheng; Nathan Appel; Yu-Tang Gao; Qiu-Yin Cai; Gong Yang; Ying Chen; George Downward; Jihua Li; Kaiyun Yang; Lauren McCullough; Debra Silverman; Yunchao Huang; Qing Lan



Racial Disparities in Diagnostic Delay Among Women With Breast Cancer

by Jasmine M Miller-Kleinhenz; Lindsay J Collin; Rebecca Seidel; Arthi Reddy; Rebecca Nash; Jeffrey Switchenko; Lauren McCullough



The obesity-breast cancer link: a multidisciplinary perspective

by Emily N Devericks; Meredith S Carson; Lauren McCullough; Michael F Coleman; Stephen D Hursting



Barriers to breast cancer screening in Atlanta, GA: results from the Pink Panel survey at faith-based institutions

by Adelaide Balenger; Gaurav Seth; Shristi Bhattarai; Lindsay J Collin; Lauren McCullough; Keerthi Gogineni; Preeti Subhedar; Calvin Ellison; Uzma Khan; MH Swahn; Ritu Aneja