Lauren McCullough PhD, MSPH

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SPH: Epidemiology

School Of Public Health

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Detection of crown-like structures in breast adipose tissue and clinical outcomes among African-American and White women with breast cancer

by Maret L. Maliniak; Aswathy Miriam Cheriyan; Mark E. Sherman; Yuan Liu; Keerthi Gogineni; Jiaqi Liu; Jiabei He; Uma Krishnamurti; Jasmine Miller-Kleinhenz; Ryan Ashiqueali; Jinjing He; Rami Yacoub; Lauren McCullough



Breast tumor DNA methylation patterns associated with smoking in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study

by Kathleen Conway; Sharon N. Edmiston; Eloise Parrish; Christopher Bryant; Chiu-Kit Tse; Theresa Swift-Scanlan; Lauren McCullough; Pei Fen Kuan



Reproductive characteristics are associated with gene-specific promoter methylation status in breast cancer

by Lauren McCullough; Lindsay J. Collin; Kathleen Conway; Alexandra J. White; Yoon Hee Cho; Sumitra Shantakumar; Mary Beth Terry; Susan L. Teitelbaum; Alfred I. Neugut; Regina M. Santella; Jia Chen; Marlie D. Gammon



Overall gestational weight gain mediates the relationship between maternal and child obesity

by Michele J. Josey; Lauren McCullough; Catherine Hoyo; ClarLynda Williams-DeVane



Modification of the association between recreational physical activity and survival after breast cancer by promoter methylation in breast cancer-related genes.

by Lauren McCullough; Jia Chen; Yoon Hee Cho; Nikhil K. Khankari; Patrick T. Bradshaw; Alexandra J. White; Susan L. Teitelbaum; Mary Beth Terry; Alfred I. Neugut; Hanina Hibshoosh; Regina M. Santella; Marilie D. Gammon



Maternal B vitamins: effects on offspring weight and DNA methylation at genomically imprinted domains

by Lauren McCullough; Erline E. Miller; Michelle A. Mendez; Amy P. Murtha; Susan K. Murphy; Cathrine Hoyo



Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and postmenopausal breast cancer: An evaluation of effect measure modification by body mass index and weight change

by Nicole Niehoff; Alexandra J. White; Lauren McCullough; Susan E. Steck; Jan Beyea; Irina Mordukhovich; Jing Shen; Alfred I. Neugut; Kathleen Conway; Regina M. Santella; Marilie D. Gammon