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A component method to delineate surgical spine implants for proton Monte Carlo dose calculation

by Chih-Wei Chang; Serdar Charyyev; Joseph Harms; Roelf Slopsema; Jonathan Wolf; Daniel Refai; Tim Yoon; Mark McDonald; Jeffrey Bradley; Shuai Leng; Jun Zhou; Xiaofeng Yang; Liyong Lin



MPLA case: I didn't realize those were the expectations!

by Liyong Lin; SJ Simiele; S Charyyev; L Kim; D Wang; MP Gronberg



AAPM Task Group Report 290: Respiratory motion management for particle therapy

by Heng Li; Lei Dong; Christoph Bert; Joe Chang; Stella Flampouri; Kyung-Wook Jee; Liyong Lin; Michael Moyers; Shinichiro Mori; Joerg Rottmann; Erik Tryggestad; Sastry Vedam



Effect of Solar Particle Event Radiation and Hindlimb Suspension on Gastrointestinal Tract Bacterial Translocation and Immune Activation

by Yu Zhou; Houping Ni; Minghong Li; Jenine K. Sanzari; Eric S. Diffenderfer; Liyong Lin; Ann R. Kennedy; Drew Weissman



Particle therapy for non-small cell lung tumors: Where do we stand? A systematic review of the literature

by Krista C. J. Wink; Erik Roelofs; Timothy Solberg; Liyong Lin; Charles B. Simone; Annika Jakobi; Christian Richter; Philippe Lambin; Esther G. C. Troost



Beam-specific planning target volumes incorporating 4D CT for pencil beam scanning proton therapy of thoracic tumors

by Liyong Lin; Minglei Kang; Sheng Huang; Rulon Mayer; Andrew Thomas; Timothy D. Solberg; James E. McDonough; Charles B. Simone



A benchmarking method to evaluate the accuracy of a commercial proton monte carlo pencil beam scanning treatment planning system

by Liyong Lin; Sheng Huang; Minglei Kang; Petri Hiltunen; Reynald Vanderstraeten; Jari Lindberg; Sami Siljamaki; Todd Wareing; Ian Davis; Allen Barnett; John McGhee; Charles B. Simone; Timothy D. Solberg; James E. McDonough; Christopher Ainsley



NRG Oncology Survey of Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Use in US Proton Therapy Centers

by Liyong Lin; Paige A. Taylor; Jiajian Shen; Jatinder Saini; Minglei Kang; Charles B. Simone II; Jeffrey Bradley; Zuofeng Li; Ying Xiao