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Cross-species cortical alignment identifies different types of anatomical reorganization in the primate temporal lobe

by Nicole Eichert; Emma C. Robinson; Katherine L. Bryant; Saad Jbabdi; Mark Jenkinson; Longchuan Li; Kristine Krug; Kate E. Watkins; Rogier B. Mars



Evolutionary modifications in human brain connectivity associated with schizophrenia

by Martijn van den Heuvel; Lianne H. Scholtens; Siemon C. de Lange; Rory Pijnenburg; Wiepke Cahn; Neeltje E M van Haren; Iris E. Sommer; Marco Bozzali; Kathrin Koch; Marco P. Boks; Jonathan Repple; Michela Pievani; Longchuan Li; Todd Preuss; James Rilling



Genetic mapping and evolutionary analysis of human-expanded cognitive networks

by Yongbin Wei; Siemon C de Lange; Lianne H. Scholtens; Kyoko Watanabe; Dirk Jan Ardesch; Philip R. Jansen; Jeanne E. Savage; Longchuan Li; Todd Preuss; James Rilling; Danielle Posthuma; Martjin P. van den Heuvel



Comparison of diffusion tractography and tract-tracing measures of connectivity strength in rhesus macaque connectome

by James Rilling; Longchuan Li; Todd Preuss; MP van den Heuvel; MA de Reus; LF Barrett; LH Scholtens; FMT Coopmans; R Schmidt



Optimization of macaque brain DMRI connectome by neuron tracing and myelin stain data

by Tuo Zhang; Jun Kong; Ke Jing; Hanbo Chen; Xi Jiang; Longchuan Li; Lei Guo; Jianfeng Lu; Xiaoping Hu; Tianming Liu



Diffusion tensor imaging reveals evolution of primate brain architectures

by Degang Zhang; Lei Guo; Dajiang Zhu; Kaiming Li; Longchuan Li; Hanbo Chen; Qun Zhao; Xiaoping Hu; Tianming Liu