Longchuan Li

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SOM: Peds: Marcus Center

School Of Medicine

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Characterization of U-shape streamline fibers: Methods and applications

by Tuo Zhang; Hanbo Chen; Lei Guo; Kaiming Li; Longchuan Li; Shu Zhang; Dinggnag Shen; Xiaoping Hu; Tianming Liu



Coevolution of Gyral Folding and Structural Connection Patterns in Primate Brains

by Hanbo Chen; Tuo Zhang; Lei Guo; Kaiming Li; Xiang Yu; Longchuan Li; Xintao Hu; Junwei Han; Xiaoping P Hu; Tianming Liu



Concurrent analysis of white matter bundles and grey matter networks in the chimpanzee

by Rogier B. Mars; Jonathan O Muircheartaigh; Davide Folloni; Longchuan Li; Matthew F. Glasser; Saad Jbabdi; Katherine L. Bryant