Larry Wilson


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Synthesis, structural activity-relationships, and biological evaluation of novel amide-based allosteric binding site antagonists in NR1A/NR2B N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors

by Cara A. Mosley; Scott J. Myers; Ernest E. Murray; Rose Santangelo; Yesim A. Tahirovic; Natalie Kurtkaya; Praseeda Mullasseril; Hongjie Yuan; Polina Lyuboslavsky; Phuong Le; Lawrence Wilson; Manuel Yepes; Raymond J Dingledine; Stephen F. Traynelis; Dennis C Liotta



Enantiomeric Propanolamines as selective N-Methyl-d-aspartate 2B Receptor Antagonists†

by Yesim Altas Tahirovic; Matthew Geballe; Ewa Gruszecka-Kowalik; Scott J. Myers; Polina Lyuboslavsky; Phuong Le; Adam French; Hasan Irier; Woo-baeg Choi; Keith Easterling; Hongjie Yuan; Lawrence Wilson; Robert Kotloski; James O. McNamara; Raymond J Dingledine; Dennis C Liotta; Stephen Traynelis; James P Snyder



Anti-HIV small-molecule binding in the peptide subpocket of the CXCR4:CVX15 crystal structure

by Bryan Cox; Anthony R. Prosser; Brooke M. Katzman; Dr. Ana A. Alcaraz; Dennis C Liotta; Lawrence Wilson; Dr. James P. Snyder