John Nickerson PhD


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  • Genetics and Molecular Biology Program, GDBBS

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Degrees Held:

  • BS, MIT, 1974
  • MS, MSU, 1976
  • PhD, UTMB, 1980

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Single-stranded oligonucleotide-mediated in vivo gene repair in the rd1 retina

by Charlotte Andrieu-Soler; Mounia Halhal; Jeffrey Boatright; Staci A. Padove; John Nickerson; Eva Stodulkova; Rachael E. Stewart; Vincent Thomas Ciavatta; Marc Doat; Jean-Claude Jeanny; Therese de Bizemont; Florian Sennlaub; Yves Courtois; Francine Behar-Cohen



Retinoid processing proteins in the ocular ciliary epithelium

by Mercedes Salvador-Silva; Sikha Ghosh; Rubens Bertazolli-Filho; Jeffrey Boatright; John Nickerson; Gregory G. Garwin; John C. Saari; Miguel Coca-Prados



Structure-Function Relationships in the Four Repeats of Human Interphotoreceptor Retinoid-Binding Protein (IRBP)

by John Nickerson; Gui-Ru Li; Ze-Yu Lin; Naoko Takizawa; Jing-Sheng Si; Eleanore A. Gross



Tool from ancient pharmacopoeia prevents vision loss

by Jeffrey Boatright; Anisha G. Moring; Clinton McElroy; Michael J. Phillips; Vi T. Do; Bo Chang ; Norm L. Hawes; Amber P. Boyd; Sheree S. Sidney; Rachael E. Stewart; Steven C. Minear; Rajashree Chaudhury; Vincent Thomas Ciavatta; Cecilia M.P. Rodrigues; Clifford J. Steer; John Nickerson; Machelle Pardue



A Major Cis Activator of the IRBP Gene contains CRX-binding and Ret-1/PCE-I elements

by Jeffrey Boatright; Diane E. Borst; John W. Peoples; James Bruno; Carrie L. Edwards; Jing-Sheng Si; John Nickerson



Technical Brief: Subretinal injection and electroporation into adult mouse eyes

by Christiana J. Johnson; Lennart Berglin; Micah A. Chrenek; T.M. Redmond; Jeffrey Boatright; John Nickerson