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Regime shifts and panarchies in regional scale social-ecological water systems

by Lance Gunderson; Barbara A. Cosens; Brian C. Chaffin; Craig A. (Tony) Arnold; Alexander K. Fremier; Ahjond S. Garmestani; Robin Kundis Craig; Hannah Gosnell; Hannah E. Birge; Craig R. Allen; Melinda H. Benson; Ryan R. Morrison; Mark C. Stone; Joseph A. Hamm; Kristine Nemec; Edella Schlager; Dagmar Llewellyn



Governing complexity: Integrating science, governance, and law to manage accelerating change in the globalized commons

by Lance Gunderson; B Cosens; JB Ruhl; N Soininen; A Belinskij; T Blenckner; AE Camacho; BC Chaffin; RK Craig; H Doremus; R Glicksman; AS Heiskanen; R Larson; J Simila



Panarchy: opportunities and challenges for ecosystem management

by Lance Gunderson; A Garmestani; D Twidwell; DG Angeler; S Sundstrom; C Barichievy; BC Chaffin; T Eason; N Graham; D Granholm; M Knutson; KL Nash; RJ Nelson; M Nystrom; TL Spanbauer; CA Stow; CR Allen



Transformative Environmental Governance

by Brian Chaffin; Ahjond S. Gamestani; Lance Gunderson; Melinda Harm Benson; David G. Angeler; Craig Anthony Arnold; Barbara Cosens; Robin Kundis Craig; J. B. Ruhl; Craig R. Allen



A quantitative framework for assessing ecological resilience

by Didier L. Baho; Craig R. Allen; Ahjond S. Garmestani; Hannah B. Fried-Petersen; Sophia E. Renes; Lance Gunderson; David G. Angeler



Detecting spatial regimes in ecosystems

by Shana M. Sundstrom; Tarsha Eason; R. John Nelson; David G. Angeler; Chris Barichievy; Ahjond S. Garmestani; Nicholas A. J. Graham; Dean Granholm; Lance Gunderson; Melinda Knutson; Kirsty L. Nash; Trisha Spanbauer; Craig A. Stow; Craig R. Allen



The distribution and role of functional abundance in cross-scale resilience

by Shane M. Sundstrom; David G. Angeler; Chris Barichievy; Tarsha Eason; Ahjond Garmestani; Lance Gunderson; Melinda Knutson; Kirsty L. Nash; Trisha Spanbauer; Craig Stow; Craig R. Allen



Enhancing quantitative approaches for assessing community resilience

by W. C. Chuang; A. Garmestani; T. N. Eason; T. L. Spanbauer; H. B. Fried-Petersen; C. P. Roberts; S. M. Sundstrom; J. L. Burnett; D. G. Angeler; B. C. Chaffin; Lance Gunderson; D. Twidwell; C. R. Allen



Quantifying the Adaptive Cycle

by David G. Angeler; Craig R. Allen; Ahjond S. Garmestani; Lance Gunderson; Olle Hjerne; Monika Winder