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APOL1 genotype-associated morphologic changes among patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

by Larry Greenbaum; Chia-shi Wang; J Zee; MT McNulty; JB Hodgin; O Zhdanova; S Hingorani; JA Jefferson; KL Gibson; H Trachtman; A Fornoni; KM Dell; HN Reich; S Bagnasco; RA Lafayette; DS Gipson; E Brown; M Kretzler; G Appel; KK Sambandam; KR Tuttle; D Chen; MA Atkinson; MC Hogan; FJ Kaskel; KE Meyers; J O'Toole; T Srivastava; CB Sethna; MA Hladunewich; JJ Lin; CC Nast; VK Derebail; J Patel; S Vento; LB Holzman; AM Athavale; SG Adler; K Lemley; JC Lieske; JJ Hogan; CA Gadegbeku; FC Fervenza; RB Matar; P Singer; JB Kopp; L Barisoni; MG Sampson



Validation of Diagnosis Codes to Identify Infection-Related Acute Care Events in Patients With Glomerular Disease

by Dorey A Glenn; Jarcy Zee; Anisha Hegde; Candace Henderson; Michelle M O'Shaughnessy; Andrew Bomback; Keisha Gibson; Larry Greenbaum; Sarah Mansfield; Yichun Hu; Laura Mariani; Ronald Falk; Susan Hogan; Michelle Denburg; Amy Mottl



Mycophenolate mofetil-related leukopenia in children and young adults following kidney transplantation: Influence of genes and drugs

by CD Varnell; T Fukuda; CL Kirby; LJ Martin; Barry Warshaw; HP Patel; DH Chand; G-M Barletta; SK Van Why; RG VanDeVoorde; DJ Weaver; A Wilson; PS Verghese; AA Vinks; Larry Greenbaum; J Goebel; DK Hooper



The long-acting C5 inhibitor, ravulizumab, is efficacious and safe in pediatric patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome previously treated with eculizumab

by Kazuki Tanaka; Brigitte Adams; Alvaro Madrid Aris; Naoya Fujita; Masayo Ogawa; Stephan Ortiz; Marc Vallee; Larry Greenbaum



Urine ALCAM, PF4 and VCAM-1 Surpass Conventional Metrics in Identifying Nephritis Disease Activity in Childhood-Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

by Larry Greenbaum; SA Soliman; A Haque; K Vanarsa; T Zhang; F Ismail; KH Lee; C Pedroza; S Mason; MJ Hicks; SE Wenderfer; C Mohan



Vascular Stiffness in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease

by Jonathan D. Savant; Aisha Betoko; Keven E.C. Meyers; Mark Mitsnefes; Joseph T. Flynn; Raymond R. Townsend; Laurence Greenbaum; Allison Dart; Bradley Warady; Susan L. Furth