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Vascular Stiffness in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease

by Jonathan D. Savant; Aisha Betoko; Keven E.C. Meyers; Mark Mitsnefes; Joseph T. Flynn; Raymond R. Townsend; Laurence Greenbaum; Allison Dart; Bradley Warady; Susan L. Furth



Intestinal microbiota in pediatric patients with end stage renal disease: a Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium study

by Janice Crespo-Salgado; V. Matti Vehaskari; Tyrus Stewart; Michael Ferris; Qiang Zhang; Guangdi Wang; Eugene E. Blanchard; Christopher M. Taylor; Mahmoud Kallash; Larry Greenbaum; Diego H. Aviles



The Association between Abnormal Birth History and Growth in Children with CKD

by Laurence Greenbaum; Alvaro Munoz; Michael F. Schneider; Frederick J. Kaskel; David J. Askenazi; Randall Jenkins; Hilary Hotchkiss; Marva Moxey-Mims; Susan L. Furth; Bradley A. Warady



Gaining the PROMIS perspective from children with nephrotic syndrome: a Midwest pediatric nephrology consortium study

by Debbie S. Gipson; David T. Selewski; Susan F. Massengill; Larysa Wickman; Kassandra L. Messer; Emily Herreshoff; Corinna Bowers; Maria E. Ferris; John D. Mahan; Laurence Greenbaum; Jackie MacHardy; Gauray Kapur; Deepa H. Chand; Jens Goebel; Gina Marie Barletta; Denis Geary; David B. Kershaw; Cynthia G. Pan; Rasheed Gbadegesin; Guillermo Hidalgo; Jerome C. Lane; Jeffrey D. Leiser; Brett W. Plattner; Peter X. Song; David Thissen; Yang Liu; Heather E. Gross; Darren A. DeWalt



Safety and efficacy of sucroferric oxyhydroxide in pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease

by Larry Greenbaum; N Jeck; G Klaus; M Fila; C Stoica; S Fathallah-Shaykh; A Paredes; L Wickman; R Nelson; RD Swinford; CL Abitbol; M Balgradean; A Jankauskiene; A Perrin; M Enoiu; S-Y Ahn



Improving data quality in observational research studies: Report of the Cure Glomerulonephropathy (CureGN) network

by Larry Greenbaum; BW Gillespie; LP Laurin; D Zinsser; R Lafayette; M Marasa; SE Wenderfer; S Vento; C Poulton; L Barisoni; J Zee; M Helmuth; F Lugani; M Kamel; P Hill-Callahan; SM Hewitt; LH Mariani; WE Smoyer; DS Gipson; BM Robinson; AG Gharavi; LM Guay-Woodford; H Trachtman



Assessment of Dietary Intake of Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

by W.F. Hui; Aisha Betoko; Jonathan D. Savant; Alison G. Abraham; Laurence Greenbaum; Bradley Warady; Marva M. Moxey-Mims; Susan L. Furth



The Effect of Abnormal Birth History on Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Disease Progression in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

by Joseph T Flynn; Derek K Ng; Grace J Chan; Joshua Samuels; Susan Furth; Bradley Warady; Larry Greenbaum



Quality of Life is Improved and Kidney Function Preserved in Patients with Nephropathic Cystinosis Treated for 2 Years with Delayed-Release Cysteamine Bitartrate

by Craig B. Langman; Larry Greenbaum; Paul Grimm; Minnie Sarwal; Patrick Niaudet; Georges Deschenes; Elisabeth A. M. Cornelissen; Denis Morin; Pierre Cochat; Ewa Elenberg; Christian Hanna; Segolene Gaillard; Mary Jo Bagger; Patrice Rioux