Lauren Epstein


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Assessment of Health Care Exposures and Outcomes in Adult Patients With Sepsis and Septic Shock

by Katherine Fay; Mathew R. P. Sapiano; Runa Gokhale; Raymund Dantes; Nicola Thompson; David E. Katz; Susan Ray; Lucy E. Wilson; Rebecca Perlmutter; Joelle Nadle; Deborah Godine; Linda Frank; Geoff Brousseau; Helen Johnston; Wendy Bamberg; Ghinwa Dumyati; Deborah Nelson; Ruth Lynfield; Malini DeSilva; Marion Kainer; Alexia Zhang; Valerie Ocampo; Monika Samper; Rebecca Pierce; Lourdes Irizarry; Marla Sievers; Meghan Maloney; Anthony Fiore; Shelley S. Magill; Lauren Epstein



Sepsis Surveillance Using Adult Sepsis Events Simplified eSOFA Criteria Versus Sepsis-3 Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Criteria*

by Chanu Rhee; Zilu Zhang; Sameer S. Kadri; David Murphy; Gregory Martin; Elizabeth Overton; Christopher W. Seymour; Derek C. Angus; Raymund Dantes; Lauren Epstein; David Fram; Richard Schaaf; Rui Wang; Michael Klompas



Adapting the Surveillance Platform for Enteric and Respiratory Infectious Organisms at United States Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (SUPERNOVA) for COVID-19 Among Hospitalized Adults: Surveillance Protocol

by Lauren Epstein; Kristina L Bajema; Elissa Meites; Anita Kambhampati; Mila Prill; Vincent Marconi; Sheldon T Brown; Maria C Rodriguez-Barradas; David O Beenhouwer; Mark Holodniy; Cynthia Lucero-Obusan; Cristina Cardemil; Jordan Cates; Diya Surie



Rates and causative pathogens of surgical site infections attributed to liver transplant procedures and other hepatic, biliary, or pancreatic procedures, 2015-2018

by Nora Chea; Mathew RP Sapiano; Liang Zhou; Lauren Epstein; Alice Guh; Jonathan R Edwards; Katherine Allen-Bridson; Victoria Russo; Jennifer Watkins; Stephanie Pouch; Shelley S Magill



Variation in Identifying Sepsis and Organ Dysfunction Using Administrative Versus Electronic Clinical Data and Impact on Hospital Outcome Comparisons

by Chanu Rhee; Maximilian S Jentzsch; Sameer S Kadri; Christopher W Seymour; Derek C Angus; David Murphy; Gregory Martin; Raymund Dantes; Lauren Epstein; Anthony E Fiore; John Jernigan; Robert L Danner; David K Warren; Edward Septimus; Jason Hickok; Russell E Poland; Robert Jin; David Fram; Richard Schaaf; Rui Wang; Michael Klompas