Laura Edwards


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Resting state EEG in youth with ASD: age, sex, and relation to phenotype

by Laura Edwards; E Neuhaus; SJ Lowry; M Santhosh; A Kresse; J Keller; EJ Libsack; VY Kang; A Naples; A Jack; S Jeste; JC McPartland; E Aylward; R Bernier; S Bookheimer; M Dapretto; JD Van Horn; K Pelphrey; SJ Webb



Inadequate oral feeding as a barrier to discharge in moderately preterm infants

by Laura Edwards; C. Michael Cotten; P. Brian Smith; Ronald Goldberg; Shampa Saha; Abhik Das; Abbot R. Laptook; Barbara Stoll; Edward F. Bell; Waldemar A. Carlo; Carl T. D'Angio; Sara B. DeMauro; Pablo J. Sanchez; Seetha Shankaran; Krisa P. Van Meurs; Betty R. Vohr; Michele C. Walsh; William f. Malcolm; David Carlton; Brenda Poindexter