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Acute targeting of pre-amyloid seeds in transgenic mice reduces Alzheimer-like pathology later in life

by Lary Walker; RE Uhlmann; C Rother; J Rasmussen; J Schelle; C Bergmann; EM Ullrich Gavilanes; SK Fritschi; A Buehler; F Baumann; A Skodras; R Al-Shaana; N Beschorner; L Ye; SA Kaeser; U Obermueller; S Christensen; F Kartberg; JB Stavenhagen; J-U Rahfeld; H Cynis; F Qian; PH Weinreb; T Bussiere; M Staufenbiel; M Jucker



Days-to-criterion as an indicator of toxicity associated with human Alzheimer amyloid-β oligomers

by Sam Gandy; Adam J. Simon; John W. Steele; Alex L. Lublin; James J Lah; Lary C Walker; Allan I Levey; Grant A. Krafft; Efrat Levy; Frederic Checler; Charles Glabe; Warren Bilker; Ted Abel; James Schmeidler; Michelle E. Ehrlich



Quantification of neurons in the hippocampal formation of chimpanzees: comparison to rhesus monkeys and humans

by Todd Preuss; Lary Walker; CN Rogers Flattery; RF Rosen; AS Farberg; JM Dooyema; PR Hof; CC Sherwood