Laurence Busse M.D., M.B.A., F


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Angiotensin in Critical Care

by Anna Hall; Laurence W. Busse; Marlies Ostermann



Clinical severity of, and effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against, covid-19 from omicron, delta, and alpha SARS-CoV-2 variants in the United States: prospective observational study

by Jennifer Verani; Laurence Busse; AS Lauring; MW Tenforde; JD Chappell; M Gaglani; AA Ginde; T McNeal; S Ghamande; DJ Douin; HK Talbot; JD Casey; NM Mohr; A Zepeski; N Shapiro; KW Gibbs; DC Files; DN Hager; A Shehu; ME Prekker; HL Erickson; MC Exline; MN Gong; A Mohamed; NJ Johnson; V Srinivasan; JS Steingrub; ID Peltan; SM Brown; ET Martin; AS Monto; A Khan; CL Hough; CC ten Lohuis; A Duggal; JG Wilson; AJ Gordon; N Qadir; SY Chang; C Mallow; C Rivas; HM Babcock; JH Kwon; N Halasa; CG Grijalva; TW Rice; WB Stubblefield; A Baughman; KN Womack; JP Rhoads; CJ Lindsell; KW Hart; Y Zhu; K Adams; SJ Schrag; SM Olson; M Kobayashi; MM Patel; WH Self



Renin and Survival in Patients Given Angiotensin II for Catecholamine-Resistant Vasodilatory Shock A Clinical Trial

by Rinaldo Bellomo; Lui G. Forni; Laurence Busse; Michael T. McCurdy; Kealy R. Ham; David W. Boldt; Johanna Hastbacka; Ashish Khanna; Timothy E. Albertson; James Tumlin; Kristine Storey; Damian Handisides; George F. Tidmarsh; Lakhmir S. Chawla; M. Ostermann



COVID-19 and the RAAS-a potential role for angiotensin II?

by Laurence W. Busse; Jonathan H. Chow; Michael T. McCurdy; Ashish K. Khanna



Intravenous angiotensin II for the treatment of high-output shock (ATHOS trial): a pilot study

by Lakhmir S Chawla; Laurence Busse; Ermira Brasha-Mitchell; Danielle Davison; Jacqueline Honiq; Ziyad Alotaibi; Michael G Seneff



Sensitivity to angiotensin II dose in patients with vasodilatory shock: a prespecified analysis of the ATHOS-3 trial

by Kealy R. Ham; David W. Boldt; Michael T. McCurdy; Laurence W. Busse; Raphael Favory; Michelle N. Gong; Ashish K. Khanna; Stefan N. Chock; Feng Zeng; Lakhmir S. Chawla; George F. Tidmarsh; Marlies Ostermann



The effect of angiotensin II on blood pressure in patients with circulatory shock: A structured review of the literature

by Laurence Busse; Michael T. McCurdy; Osman Ali; Anna Hall; Huaizhen Chen; Marlies Ostermann



The use of angiotensin II in distributive shock

by Lakhmir S. Chawla; Laurence Busse; Ermira Brasha-Mitchell; Ziyad Alotaibi