Leslie Brick


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A sibling-comparison study of smoking during pregnancy and risk for reading-related problems

by Lauren Micalizzi; Kristine Marceau; Allison S Evans; Leslie Brick; Rohan Palmer; Andrew C Heath; Valerie S Knopik



The etiology of DSM-5 alcohol use disorder: Evidence of shared and non-shared additive genetic effects

by Rohan Palmer; Leslie Brick; Yi-Ling Chou; Arpana Agrawal; John E. McGeary; Andrew C. Heath; Laura Bierut; Matthew C. Keller; Eric Johnson; Sarah M. Hartz; Marc A. Schuckit; Valerie S. Knopik



Shared additive genetic influences on DSM-IV criteria for alcohol dependence in subjects of European ancestry

by Rohan H. Palmer; John E. Mcgeary; Andrew C. Heath; Matthew C. Keller; Leslie Brick; Valerie S. Knopik



Additive genetic contribution to symptom dimensions in major depressive disorder

by Rahel Pearson; Rohan H. Palmer; Leslie Brick; John E. McGeary; Valerie S. Knopik; Christopher G. Beevers