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Disturbed Flow Promotes Arterial Stiffening Through Thrombospondin-1

by Chan Woo Kim; Anastassia Pokutta-Paskaleva; Sandeep Kumar; Lucas Timmins; Andrew D. Morris; Don-Won Kang; Sidd Dalal; Tatiana Chadid; Katie M. Kuo; Julia Raykin; Haiyan Li; Hiromi Yanagisawa; Rudolph L. Gleason,Jr.; Hanjoong Jo; Luke Packard Brewster



An endovascular model of ischemic myopathy from peripheral arterial disease

by Chandler A. Long; Lucas Timmins; Panagiotis Koutakis; Traci T. Goodchild; David J. Lefer; Iraklis I. Pipinos; George P. Casale; Luke Packard Brewster



The small heat shock protein HSPB1 protects mice from sepsis

by Elise R. Breed; Carolyn A. Hilliard; Benyam Yoseph; Rohit Mittal; Zhe Liang; Ching-Wen Chen; Eileen Burd; Luke Packard Brewster; Laura M. Hansen; Rudolph L. Gleason; Tej K. Pandita; Mandy L Ford; Clayton R. Hunt; Craig Coopersmith