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Multivariant Transcriptome Analysis Identifies Modules and Hub Genes Associated with Poor Outcomes in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients

by Lawrence Boise; Eric Dammer; Benjamin Barwick; OO Adebayo; CD Dill; AO Adebayo; SO Oseni; TL Griffen; AQ Ohandjo; F Yan; S Jain; R Singh; JW Lillard



Electron transport chain activity is a predictor and target for venetoclax sensitivity in multiple myeloma

by Richa Bajpai; Aditi Sharma; Abhinav Achreja; Claudia L. Edgar; Changyong Wei; Arusha A. Siddiqa; Vikas A. Gupta; Shannon Matulis; Samuel K. McBrayer; Anjali Mittal; Manali Rupji; Benjamin Barwick; Sagar Lonial; Ajay Nooka; Lawrence Boise; Deepak Nagrath; Malathy Shanmugam



A MCP1 fusokine with CCR2-specific tumoricidal activity

by Moutih Rafei; Jiusheng Deng; Marie-Noelle Boivin; Patrick Williams; Shannon M Matulis; Shala Yuan; Elena Birman; Kathy Forner; Liangping Yuan; Robert Craig Castellino; Lawrence Boise; Tobey MacDonald; Jacques Galipeau



Ceramide kinase is required for a normal eicosanoid response and the subsequent orderly migration of fibroblasts

by Dayanjan S. Wijesinghe; Matthew Brentnall; Jennifer A. Mietla; L. Alexis Hoeferlin; Robert F. Diegelmann; Lawrence Boise; Charles E. Chalfant



Caspase-9, caspase-3 and caspase-7 have distinct roles during intrinsic apoptosis

by Matthew Brentnall; Luis Rodrigues-Menocal; Rebeka Ladron De Guevara; Enrique Depero; Lawrence Boise



Clinical features and survival of multiple myeloma patients harboring t(14;16) in the era of novel agents

by Roberto Mina; Nisha S. Joseph; Francesca Gay; Efstathios Kastritis; Maria Teresa Petrucci; Jonathan Kaufman; Vittorio Montefusco; Maria Gavriatopoulou; Francesca Patriarca; Paola Omede; Lawrence Boise; Maria Roussou; Nicola Giuliani; Stefania Oliva; Massimo Offidani; Angelo Belotti; David Jaye; Lorenzo De Paoli; Evangelos Terpos; Sagar Lonial; Mario Boccadoro; Ajay Nooka; Meletios A. Dimopoulos