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Breast milk transmission of flaviviruses in the context of Zika virus: A systematic review

by Taylor Z. Mann; Lisa Haddad; Tonya R. Williams; Susan L. Hills; Jennifer S. Read; Deborah L. Dee; Eric Dziuban; Janice Perez-Padilla; Denise Jamieson; Margaret A. Honein; Carrie K. Shapiro-Mendoza



Factors Associated with Hormonal and Intrauterine Contraceptive Use among HIV-Infected Men and Women in Lilongwe, Malawi: A Cross-Sectional Study

by Jenifer H. Tang; Sam Phiri; Wingston Ng'ambi; Jamie Krashin; Linly Mlundira; Thom Chaweza; Bernadette Samala; Hannock Tweya; Mina C. Hosseinipour; Lisa Haddad



Pregnancy and HIV disease progression in an early infection cohort from five African countries

by Kristin Wall; Wasima Rida; Lisa Haddad; Anatoli Kamali; Etienne Karita; Shabir Lakhi; William Kilembe; Susan Allen; Mubiana Inambao; Annie H. Yang; Mary H. Latka; Omu Anzala; Eduard J. Sanders; Linda-Gail Bekker; Vinodh A. Edward; Matt A. Price



Impact of etonogestrel implant use on T-cell and cytokine profiles in the female genital tract and blood

by Lisa Haddad; Alison Swaims-Kohlmeier; Christina Mehta; Richard E. Haaland; Nakita L. Brown; Anandi Sheth; Hsin Chien; Kehmia Titanji; Sharon L. Achilles; Davis Lupo; Clyde E. Hart; Ighovwerha Ofotokun