Kuai Yu

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Phone: 404-727-6260

Email: kyu3@emory.edu

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Scientist, Asst (AR) SOM

SOM: Cell Biology: Admin

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Anoctamin/TMEM16 family members are Ca2+-activated Cl− channels

by Criss Hartzell Jr.; Kuai Yu; Qinhuan Xiao; Li-Ting Chien; Zhiqiang Qu



ADF/cofilin-mediated actin dynamics regulate AMPA receptor trafficking during synaptic plasticity

by Jiaping Gu; Chi Wai Lee; Yanjie Fan; Daniel Komlos; Xin Tang; Chicheng Sun; Kuai Yu; Criss Hartzell Jr.; Gong Chen; James R. Bamburg; James Zheng



Identification of a lipid scrambling domain in ANO6/TMEM16F.

by Kuai Yu; Jarred M Whitlock; Kyleen Lee; Eric Ortlund; Yuan Yuan Cui; Harrison Hartzell Jr.



Bestrophin-2 mediates bicarbonate transport by goblet cells in mouse colon

by Kuai Yu; Rafael Lujan; Alan Marmorstein; Sherif Gabriel; Criss Hartzell Jr.