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Phone: 404-727-8511

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SPH: Global Health

School Of Public Health

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Social norms and women's risk of intimate partner violence in Nepal

by Cari Clark; Gemma Ferguson; Binita Shrestha; Prabin Nanicha Shrestha; J. Michael Oakes; Jhumka Gupta; Susi McGhee; Yuk Fai Cheong; Kathryn Yount



Why Do Women Justify Violence Against Wives More Often Than Do Men in Vietnam?

by Kathleen Helen Krause; Rachel Gordon-Roberts; Kristin VanderEnde; Sidney Ruth Schuler; Kathryn Yount



Child Marriage and Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Bangladesh: A Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis

by Kathryn Yount; AliceAnn Crandall; Yuk Fai Cheong; Theresa L. Osypuk; Lisa M. Bates; Ruchira T Naved; Sidney Ruth Schuler