Kate Yeager


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Works 1-9 of 9


Nursing's seat at the research roundtable

by Bevin Cohen; Mary E. Cooley; Tamryn F. Gray; Lauri Linder; Janice Phillips; Angela Starkweather; Katherine Yeager; Noah Zanville



Maximizing the effectiveness of oral therapies in lymphoid cancers: research gaps and unmet needs

by Alix Y.L. Zackon; Amy A. Ayers; Katherine Yeager; Mary L. Somma; Jonathan W. Friedberg; Christopher Flowers; Loretta J. Nastoupil



Recruitment practices for U.S. minority and underserved populations in NRG oncology: Results of an online survey

by Elise D. Cook; Kate Yeager; Reena S. Cecchini; Jaskaran Boparai; Carol L. Brown; Martha Duncan; Walter M. Cronin; Electra D. Paskett