Kevin C. Ward PhD, MPH


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Surgeon Attitudes and Use of MRI in Patients Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

by Monica Morrow; Sarah T. Hawley; M. Chandler McLeod; Ann S. Hamilton; Kevin Ward; Steven J. Katz; Reshma Jagsi



Development and psychometric properties of a brief measure of subjective decision quality for breast cancer treatment

by Ken Resnicow; Paul Abrahamse; Rachel S Tocco; Sarah Hawley; Jennifer Griggs; Nancy Janz; Angela Fagerlin; Adrienne Wilson; Kevin Ward; Sheryl Gabram-Mendola; Steven Katz



Treatment-Associated Toxicities Reported by Patients With Early-Stage Invasive Breast Cancer

by Christopher R. Friese; Jordan M. Harrison; Nancy K. Janz; Reshma Jagsi; Monica Morrow; Yun Li; Ann S. Hamilton; Kevin C. Ward; Allison W. Kurian; Steven J. Katz; Timothy P. Hofer



Frequency and determinants of disagreement and error in Gleason scores: a population-based study of prostate cancer

by Michael Goodman; Kevin C. Ward; Adeboye O. Osunkoya; Milton W. Datta; Daniel Luthringer; Andrew N Young; Katerina Marks; Vaunita Cohen; Jan C. Kennedy; Michael J. Haber; Mahul B Amin



Treatment decisions and employment of breast cancer patients: Results of a population-based survey

by Reshma Jagsi; Paul Abrahamse; Kamaria L. Lee; Lauren P. Wallner; Nancy K. Janz; Ann S. Hamilton; Kevin Ward; Monica Morrow; Allison W. Kurian; Christopher R. Friese; Sarah T. Hawley; Steven J. Katz



Unmet need for clinician engagement regarding financial toxicity after diagnosis of breast cancer

by Reshma Jagsi; Kevin C. Ward; Paul Abrahamse; Lauren P. Wallner; Allison W. Kurian; Ann S. Hamilton; Steven J. Katz; Sarah T. Hawley



Disparities in ovarian cancer survival in the United States (2001-2009): Findings from the CONCORD-2 study

by Sherri L. Stewart; Rhea Harewood; Melissa Matz; Sun Hee Rim; Susan A. Sabatino; Kevin Ward; Hannah K. Weir