Kevin C. Ward PhD, MPH


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Patient views and correlates of radiotherapy omission in a population-based sample of older women with favorable-prognosis breast cancer

by Dean Shumway; Kent A. Griffith; Sarah T. Hawley; Lauren P. Wallner; Kevin Ward; Ann S. Hamilton; Monica Morrow; Steven Katz; Reshma Jagsi



Cancer burden in four countries of the Middle East Cancer Consortium (Cyprus; Jordan; Israel; Izmir (Turkey)) with comparison to the United States surveillance; epidemiology and end results program

by Kevin Ward; H Anton-Culver; J Chang; F Bray; A Znaor; L Stevens; S Eser; B Silverman; O Nimri; P Pavlou; H Charalambous; A Demetriou; A Ziogas



A balancing act: racial disparities in cardiovascular disease mortality among women diagnosed with breast cancer.

by Lindsay J. Collin; Alyssa N. Troeschel; Yuan Liu; Keerthi Gogineni; Kylee Borger; Kevin Ward; Lauren McCullough



Recurrence risk perception and quality of life following treatment of breast cancer

by Sarah T. Hawley; Nancy K. Janz; Kent A. Griffith; Reshma Jagsi; Christopher R. Friese; Allison W. Kurian; Ann S. Hamilton; Kevin C. Ward; Monica Morrow; Lauren P. Wallner; Steven J. Katz



The influence of 21-gene recurrence score assay on chemotherapy use in a population-based sample of breast cancer patients

by Yun Li; Allison W. Kurian; Irina Bondarenko; Jeremy M.G. Taylor; Reshma Jagsi; Kevin C. Ward; Ann S. Hamilton; Steven J. Katz; Timothy P. Hofer



Patterns and Correlates of Knowledge, Communication, and Receipt of Breast Reconstruction in a Modern Population-Based Cohort of Patients with Breast Cancer

by Adeyiza O. Momoh; Kent A. Griffith; Sarah T. Hawley; Monica Morrow; Kevin Ward; Ann S. Hamilton; Dean Shumway; Steven J. Katz; Reshma Jagsi