Kevin C. Ward PhD, MPH


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The effect of multiple primary rules on cancer incidence rates and trends

by Hannah K. Weir; Christopher J. Johnson; Kevin C. Ward; Michel P. Coleman



Study protocol: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Comprehensive Breast Cancer Treatment Patient Decision Tool (iCanDecide)

by Sarah T. Hawley; Yun Li; L. Alexandra Jeanpierre; Stefanie Goodell; Reshma Jagsi; Kevin C. Ward; Michael S. Sabel; Steven Katz



Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy decisions in a population-based sample of patients with early-stage breast cancer

by Reshma Jagsi; Sarah T. Hawley; Kent A. Griffith; Nancy K. Janz; Allison W. Kurian; Kevin C. Ward; Ann S. Hamilton; Monica Morrow; Steven J. Katz



Association of Attending Surgeon with Variation in the Receipt of Genetic Testing after Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

by Steven J. Katz; Irnia Bondarenko; Kevin Ward; Ann S. Hamilton; Monica Morrow; Allison W. Kurian; Timothy P. Hofer



Genetic testing and counseling among patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer

by Allison W. Kurian; Kent A. Griffith; Ann S. Hamilton; Kevin C. Ward; Monica Morro; Steven J. Katz; Reshma Jagsi



Association of Germline Genetic Test Type and Results With Patient Cancer Worry After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

by Steven J. Katz; Kevin Ward; Ann S. Hamilton; Paul Abrahamse; Sarah T. Hawley; Allison W. Kurian