Kay Vydareny MD


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ACR Appropriateness Criteria® on Acute Respiratory Illness

by Lacey Washington; Arfa Khan; Tan-Lucien Mohammed; Poonam V. Batra; Jud W. Gurney; Linda B. Haramati; Jean Jeudy; Heber MacMahon; Anna Rozenshtein; Kay Vydareny; Larry Kaiser; Suhail Raoof



Impact and costs of targeted recruitment of minorities to the National Lung Screening Trial

by Catherine Duda; Irene Mahon; Mei Hsiu Chen; Bradley Snyder; Richard Barrd; Caroline Chiles; Robert Falk; Elliot K. Fishman; David Gemmel; Jonathan G. Goldin; Kathleen Brown; Reginald F. Munden; Kay Vydareny; Denise R. Aberle