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"I don't regret it at all. It's just I wish the process had a bit more humanity to it horizontal ellipsis a bit more holistic": a qualitative, community-led medication abortion study with Black and Latinx Women in Georgia, USA

by Tiffany Hailstorks; Kelli Hall; Whitney Rice; Elizabeth Mosley; S Ayala; Z Jah; I Hairston; N Hernandez; K Jackson; M Scales; M Gutierrez; B Goode; S Filippa; S Strader; M Umbria; A Watson; J Faruque; A Raji; J Dunkley; P Rogers; C Ellison; K Suarez; DD Diallo



Reproductive autonomy and pregnancy decision-making among young Ghanaian women

by Dana Loll; Paul J Fleming; Abubakar Manu; Emmanuel Morhe; Robert Stephenson; Elizabeth J King; Kelli Hall



Factors associated with sexual and reproductive health stigma among adolescent girls in Ghana

by Kelli Stidham Hall; Emmanuel Morhe; Abubakar Manu; Lisa H. Harris; Elizabeth Ela; Dana Loll; Giselle Kolenic; Jessica L. Dozier; Sneha Challa; Melissa K. Zochowski; Andrew Boakye; Richard Adanu; Vanessa K. Dalton



Women’s experiences with unplanned pregnancy and abortion in Kenya: A qualitative study

by Ruvani T. Jayaweera; Felistah Mbithe Ngui; Kelli Stidham Hall; Caitlin Gerdts