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Mechanically active integrins target lytic secretion at the immune synapse to facilitate cellular cytotoxicity

by Khalid Salaita; MS Wang; Y Hu; EE Sanchez; X Xie; NH Roy; M de Jesus; BY Winer; EA Zale; W Jin; C Sachar; JH Lee; Y Hong; M Kim; LC Kam; M Huse




Imaging vesicle formation dynamics supports the flexible model of clathrin-mediated endocytosis

by Khalid Salaita; TJ Nawara; YD Williams; TC Rao; Y Hu; E Sztul; AL Mattheyses



Integrin-Generated Forces Lead to Streptavidin-Biotin Unbinding in Cellular Adhesions

by Carol Jurchenko; Yuan Chang; Yoshie Narui; Yun Zhang; Khalid Salaita



Dna tension probes to map the transient piconewton receptor forces by immune cells

by Khalid Salaita; R Ma; AV Kellner; Y Hu; BR Deal; AT Blanchard



ST6Gal-I-mediated sialylation of the epidermal growth factor receptor modulates cell mechanics and enhances invasion

by Khalid Salaita; TC Rao; RR Beggs; KE Ankenbauer; J Hwang; VP-Y Ma; SL Bellis; AL Mattheyses



Live-cell super-resolved PAINT imaging of piconewton cellular traction forces

by Renhao Li; Khalid Salaita; Yonggang Ke; Brian Petrich; Michael Quach; JM Brockman; H Su; AT Blanchard; Y Duan; T Meyer; R Glazier; A Bazrafshan; RL Bender; AV Kellner; H Ogasawara; R Ma; F Schueder; R Jungmann; AL Mattheyses



The modulation of cardiac progenitor cell function by hydrogel-dependent Notch1 activation

by Archana V. Boopathy; Pao Lin Che; Inthirai Somasuntharam; Vincent F. Fiore; E. Bernadette Cabigas; Kiwon Ban; Milton Brown; Yoshie Narui; Thomas Barker; Young-sup Yoon; Khalid Salaita; Andres J. Garcia; Michael Davis