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Translational studies support a role for serotonin 2B receptor (HTR2B) gene in aggression-related cannabis response

by Janitza L. Montalvo-Ortiz; Hang Zhou; Ivana D'Andrea; Luc Maroteaux; Adriana Lori; Alicia Smith; Kerry Ressler; Yaira Z. Nunez; Lindsay A. Farrer; Hongyu Zhao; Henry R. Kranzler; Joel Gelernter



The Role of the Hippocampus in Predicting Future Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Recently Traumatized Civilians

by Sanne J. H. van Rooij; Jennifer Stevens; Timothy D. Ely; Rebecca C. Hinrichs; Vasiliki Michopoulos; Sterling J. Winters; Yvonne E. Ogbonmwan; Jaemin Shin; Nicole R. Nugent; Lauren A. Hudak; Barbara O Rothbaum; Kerry Ressler; Tanja Jovanovic