Kira Perkins


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Characteristics of nursing home residents and healthcare personnel with repeated severe acute respiratory coronavirus virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) tests positive >= 90 days after initial infection: Four US jurisdictions, July 2020-March 2021

by Wyatt W Wilson; Kelly M Hatfield; Stacy Tressler; Cara Bicking Kinsey; Gemma Parra; Renée Zell; Anitra Denson; Channyn Williams; Kevin B Spicer; Ishart Kamal-Ahmed; Baha Abdalhamid; Mahlet Gemechu; Jennifer Folster; Natalie J Thornburg; Azaibi Tamin; Jennifer L Harcourt; Krista Queen; Suxiang Tong; John Jernigan; Matthew Crist; Kiran Perkins; Sujan C Reddy