Kathryn Oliver PhD


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Features of CFTR mRNA and implications for therapeutics development

by JaNise J Jackson; Yiyang Mao; Tyshawn R White; Catherine Foye; Kathryn Oliver



Global assessment of the integrated stress response in CF patient-derived airway and intestinal tissues

by Giovana B Bampi; Robert Rauscher; Sebastian Kirchner; Kathryn Oliver; Marcel JC Bijvelds; Leonardo A Santos; Johannes Wagner; Raymond A Frizzell; Hugo R de Jonge; Eric Sorscher; Zoya Ignatova



The CFTR P67L variant reveals a key role for N-terminal lasso helices in channel folding, maturation, and pharmacologic rescue

by Carleen Mae Sabusap; Disha Joshi; Luba Simhaev; Kathryn Oliver; Hanoch Senderowitz; Marcel van Willigen; Ineke Brakkman; Andras Rab; Eric Sorscher; Jeong Hong