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New kid on the ID block

by Seth M. Kelly; ChangHui Pak; Masoud Garshasbi; Andreas Kuss; Anita Corbett; Kenneth H Moberg



Mutation of the conserved polyadenosine RNA binding protein, ZC3H14/dNab2, impairs neural function in Drosophila and humans

by ChangHui Pak; Masoud Garshasbi; Kimia Kahrizi; Christina Gross; Luciano H. Apponi; John J. Noto; Seth M. Kelly; Sara Leung; Andreas Tzschach; Farkhondeh Behjati; Seyedeh Sedigheh Abedini; Marzieh Mohseni; Lars R. Jensen; Hao Hu; Brenda Huang; Sara N. Stahley; Guanglu Liu; Kathryn R. Williams; Sharon Burdick; Yue Feng; Subhabrata Sanyal; Gary Bassell; Hans-Hilger Ropers; Hossein Najmabadi; Anita Corbett; Kenneth H Moberg; Andreas W. Kuss