Kathryn Leung


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Defective mitochondrial peroxiredoxin-3 results in sensitivity to oxidative stress in Fanconi anemia

by Sudit S. Mukhopadhyay; Kathryn Leung; M. John Hicks; Philip J. Hastings; Hagop Youssoufian; Sharon E. Plon



"mini" bank of only 8 donors supplies CMV-directed T cells to diverse recipients

by Ifigeneia Tzannou; Ayumi Watanabe; Swati Naik; Rachel Daum; Manik Kuvalekar; Kathryn Leung; Caridad Martinez; Ghadir Sasa; Mengfen Wu; Adrian P. Gee; Robert A. Krance; Stephen Gottschalk; Helen E. Heslop; Bilal Omer