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Alcohol assessment using wireless handheld computers: A pilot study

by Jay M. Bernhardt; Stuart Usdan; Darren Mays; Kimberly Jacob Arriola; Ryan J. Martin; Jennifer Cremeens; Tia McGill; Jessica Aungst Weitzel



Health Literacy and Control in the Medical Encounter: A Mixed-Methods Analysis

by Safiya A. Arthur; Hanah R. Geiser; Kimberly R Jacob Arriola; Sunil Kripalani



Implementation of a Web-Based Organ Donation Educational Intervention: Development and Use of a Refined Process Evaluation Model

by Nakeva Redmond; Laura Harker; Yvan Bamps; Shauna St. Clair Flemming; Jennie P Perryman; Nancy J Thompson; Rachel Elizabeth Patzer; Nancy S DeSousa Williams; Kimberly R Jacob Arriola



A Community-Based Study of Giving ACTS: Organ Donation Education for African American Adults

by Kimberly Jacob Arriola; Nakeva Redmond; Dana H.Z. Williamson; Nancy Thompson; Jennie P. Perryman; Rachel Patzer; Melissa Williams



Practices and Perspectives on Latrine Use, Child Feces Disposal, and Clean Play Environments in Western Kenya

by Anna Ellis; Emilie E. McClintic; Emily O. Awino; Bethany Caruso; Kimberly Jacob Arriola; Sandra Gomez Ventura; Alysse J. Kowalski; Molly Linabarger; Breanna K. Wodnik; Amy Girard; Richard Muga; Matthew Freeman