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Volume, Dose, and Fractionation Considerations for IMRT-based Reirradiation in Head and Neck Cancer: A Multi-institution Analysis

by Kristin Higgins; Jonathan Beitler; JJ Caudell; MC Ward; N Riaz; SJ Zakem; MJ Awan; NE Dunlap; D Isrow; C Hassanzadeh; JA Vargo; DE Heron; S Marcrom; DH Boggs; CA Reddy; J Dault; JA Bonner; SA Koyfman; M Machtay; M Yao; AM Trotti; F Siddiqui; NY Lee



Practice recommendations for lung cancer radiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: An ESTRO-ASTRO consensus statement q

by Kristin Higgins; Jeffrey Bradley; M Guckenberger; C Belka; A Bezjak; ME Daly; D DeRuysscher; R Dziadziuszko; C Faivre-Finn; M Flentje; E Gore; P Iyengar; BD Kavanagh; S Kumar; C Le Pechoux; Y Lievens; K Lindberg; F McDonald; S Ramella; R Rengan; U Ricardi; A Rimner; GB Rodrigues; SE Schild; S Senan; CB Simone; BJ Slotman; M Stuschke; G Videtic; J Widder; SS Yom; D Palma



Recent developments in limited stage small cell lung cancer

by Kristin Higgins; Sophia Gorgens; Lisa J. Sudmeier; Corinne Faivre-Finn