Kurt F Heiss MD


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Provider education leads to sustained reduction in pediatric opioid prescribing after surgery

by Bethany J Slater; Chase G Corvin; Kurt Heiss; Robert Vandewalle; Sohail R Shah; Megan Cunningham; Eunice Y Huang; Aaron M Lipskar; Naomi-Liza Denning; Melvin Dassinger; Robert A Cina; David H Rothstein; Jeremy Kauffman; Raquel Gonzalez; Martha-Conley Ingram; Mehul Raval



Pediatric Gastrostomy Tube Placement: Lessons Learned from High-performing Institutions through Structured Interviews.

by Loren Berman; Carla Hronek; Mehul Raval; Marybeth L. Browne; Charles L. Snyder; Kurt Heiss; Shawn J. Rangel; Adam B. Goldin; David H. Rothstein



Improving ultrasound for appendicitis through standardized reporting of secondary signs

by Kristin N. Partain; Adarsh U. Patel; Curtis Travers; Heather L. Short; Kiery Braithwaite; Jonathan Loewen; Kurt Heiss; Mehul Raval