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Poldip2 mediates blood-brain barrier disruption in a model of sepsis-associated encephalopathy

by DS Kikuchi; Ana Carolina P. Campos; Hongyan Qu; Steven J. Forrester; Rosana L. Pagano; Bernard Lassegue; Ruxana Sadikot; Kathy Griendling; Marina Sorrentino Hernandes



High Salt Enhances Reactive Oxygen Species and Angiotensin II Contractions of Glomerular Afferent Arterioles From Mice With Reduced Renal Mass

by Lingli Li; En Yin Lai; Zaiming Luo; Glenn Solis; Margarida Mendonca; Kathy Griendling; Anton Wellstein; William J. Welch; Christopher S. Wilcox



Overexpression of Akt converts radial growth melanoma to vertical growth melanoma

by Baskaran Govindarajan; James E. Sligh; Bethaney J. Vincent; Meiling Li; Jeffrey A. Canter; Brian J. Nickoloff; Richard J. Rodenburg; Jan A. Smeitink; Larry Oberley; Yuping Zhang; Joyce Slingerland; Rebecca Arnold; David J Lambeth; Cynthia Cohen; Lu Hilenski; Kathy Griendling; Marta Martinez-Diez; Jose M. Cuezva; Jack Arbiser



Role of Coronin 1B in PDGF-induced Migration of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

by Holly Ann Williams; Alejandra San Martin Almeyda; Candace M. Adamo; Bonnie Seidel-Rogol; Lily Pounkova; Srinivasan Raju Datla; Bernard P Lassegue; James E. Bear; Kathy Griendling



Poldip2, a novel regulator of Nox4 and cytoskeletal integrity in vascular smooth muscle cells

by Alicia N. Lyle; Nita N. Deshpande; Yoshihiro Taniyama; Bonnie Seidel-Rogol; Lily Pounkova; Pingfeng Du; Christopher Papaharalambus; Bernard P Lassegue; Kathy Griendling