Keerthi Gogineni MD, MSHP


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A Quantitative Centrosomal Amplification Score ( CAS) Predicts Local Recurrence in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

by Karuna Mittal; Michael S. Toss; Guanhao Wei; Jaspreet Kaur; Da Hoon Choi; Brian D. Melton; Remus Osan; Islam M. Miligy; Andrew R. Green; Emiel A.M. Janssen; Håvard Søiland; Keerthi Gogineni; Upender Manne; Padmashree Rida; Emad A. Rakha; Ritu Aneja



Quadruple-negative breast cancer: novel implications for a new disease

by Shristi Bhattarai; Geetanjali Saini; Keerthi Gogineni; Ritu Aneja



Analysis of tumor template from multiple compartments in a blood sample provides complementary access to peripheral tumor biomarkers

by William M. Strauss; Chris Carter; Jill Simmons; Erich Klem; Nathan Goodman; Behrad Vahidi; Juan Romero; Michael Masterman-Smith; Ruth O'Regan; Keerthi Gogineni; Lee Schwartzberg; Laura K. Austin; Paul W. Dempsey; Massimo Cristofanilli



Racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes in the metropolitan Atlanta area: New insights and approaches for health equity

by Lindsay J. Collin; Renjian Jiang; Kevin Ward; Keerthi Gogineni; Preeti Subhedar; Mark E. Sherman; Mia Gaudet; Carmen Radecki Breitkopf; Olivia D'Angelo; Sheryl Gabram-Mendola; Ritu Aneja; Anne H. Gaglioti; Lauren McCullough



Quadruple-negative breast cancer: An uneven playing field

by Geetanjali Saini; Shristi Bhattarai; Keerthi Gogineni; Ritu Aneja



Detection of crown-like structures in breast adipose tissue and clinical outcomes among African-American and White women with breast cancer

by Maret L. Maliniak; Aswathy Miriam Cheriyan; Mark E. Sherman; Yuan Liu; Keerthi Gogineni; Jiaqi Liu; Jiabei He; Uma Krishnamurti; Jasmine Miller-Kleinhenz; Ryan Ashiqueali; Jinjing He; Rami Yacoub; Lauren McCullough