Keerthi Gogineni MD, MSHP


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Panoptic View of Prognostic Models for Personalized Breast Cancer Management

by Geetanjali Saini; Karuna Mittal; Padmashree Rida; Emiel A. M. Janssen; Keerthi Gogineni; Ritu Aneja



Association of Race and Area Deprivation With Breast Cancer Survival Among Black and White Women in the State of Georgia

by Justin M Luningham; Gaurav Seth; Geetanjali Saini; Shristi Bhattarai; Sofia Awan; Lindsay J Collin; Monica H Swahn; Dajun Dai; Keerthi Gogineni; Preeti Subhedar; Pooja Mishra; Ritu Aneja



Barriers to breast cancer screening in Atlanta, GA: results from the Pink Panel survey at faith-based institutions

by Adelaide Balenger; Gaurav Seth; Shristi Bhattarai; Lindsay J Collin; Lauren McCullough; Keerthi Gogineni; Preeti Subhedar; Calvin Ellison; Uzma Khan; MH Swahn; Ritu Aneja



Crown-Like Structures in Breast Adipose Tissue: Early Evidence and Current Issues in Breast Cancer

by Maret L Maliniak; Jasmine Miller-Kleinhenz; Deirdre P Cronin-Fenton; Timothy Lash; Keerthi Gogineni; Emiel AM Janssen; Lauren McCullough



A Quantitative Centrosomal Amplification Score ( CAS) Predicts Local Recurrence in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

by Karuna Mittal; Michael S. Toss; Guanhao Wei; Jaspreet Kaur; Da Hoon Choi; Brian D. Melton; Remus Osan; Islam M. Miligy; Andrew R. Green; Emiel A.M. Janssen; Håvard Søiland; Keerthi Gogineni; Upender Manne; Padmashree Rida; Emad A. Rakha; Ritu Aneja



Quadruple-negative breast cancer: novel implications for a new disease

by Shristi Bhattarai; Geetanjali Saini; Keerthi Gogineni; Ritu Aneja