Karen D Godette MD


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Quality of Life and Performance Status From a Substudy Conducted Within a Prospective Phase 3 Randomized Trial of Concurrent Accelerated Radiation Plus Cisplatin With or Without Cetuximab for Locally Advanced Head and Neck Carcinoma: NRG Oncology Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 0522

by Minh Tam Truong; Qiang Zhang; David I. Rosenthal; Marcie List; Rita Axelrod; Eric Sherman; Randal Weber; Phuc Felix Nguyen-Tan; Adel El-Naggar; Andre Konski; James Galvin; David Schwartz; Andy Trotti; Craig Silverman; Anurag Singh; Karen D Godette; James A. Bonner; Christopher U. Jones; Adam S. Garden; George Shenouda; Chance Matthiesen; Quynh-Thu Le; Deborah W. Bruner



Increase in PD-L1 expression after pre-operative radiotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma

by Kirtesh R. Patel; Anthony Martinez; John M. Stahl; Suzanna J. Logan; Adam J. Perricone; Matthew J. Ferris; Zachary S. Buchwald; Mudit Chowdhary; Keith A Delman; David K Monson; Shervin Oskouei; Nickolas B. Reimer; Ken Cardona; Mark Allen Edgar; Karen D Godette