Kathryn Garber


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Diversity of approaches to classic galactosemia around the world: a comparison of diagnosis, intervention, and outcomes

by Patricia P. Jumbo-Lucioni; Kathryn Garber; John Kiel; Ivo Baric; Gerard T. Berry; Annet Bosch; Alberto Burlina; Ana Chiesa; Maria Luz Couce Pico; Sylvia C. Estrada; Howard Henderson; Nancy Leslie; Nicola Longo; Andrew A. M. Morris; Carlett Ramirez-Farias; Susanne Schweitzer-Krantz; Catherine Lynn T. Silao; Marcela Vela-Amieva; Susan Waisbren; Judith L. Fridovich-Keil



Stephen T. Warren, Ph.D. (1953-2021): A remembrance OBITUARY

by David L Nelson; Janelle Clark; Kathryn Garber; Thomas Glover; Terry Hassold; Peng Jin; Harry T Orr; Stephanie Sherman; Huda Zoghbi; Karen L Warren



Pathogenic in-Frame Variants in SCN8A: Expanding the Genetic Landscape of SCN8A-Associated Disease

by Jennifer Wong; Kameryn M Butler; Lindsey Shapiro; Jacquelyn T Thelin; Kari A Mattison; Kathryn Garber; Paula C Goldenberg; Shobana Kubendran; Bradley G Schaefer; Andrew Escayg