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Clinical leaders and providers’ perspectives on delivering medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder in Veteran Affairs’ facilities

by Karen Drexler; EJ Hawkins; AN Danner; CA Malte; BE Blanchard; EC Williams; HJ Hagedorn; AJ Gordon; JL Burden; J Knoeppel; A Lott; GG Sayre; AM Midboe; AJ Saxon



Clinical Correlates of Attentional Bias to Drug Cues Associated with Cocaine Dependence

by Ashley P. Kennedy; Robin E. Gross; Tim Ely; Karen Drexler; Clinton D. Kilts



Accessibility to Medication for Opioid Use Disorder after Interventions to Improve Prescribing among Nonaddiction Clinics in the US Veterans Health Care System

by Karen Drexler; Emily Williams; EJ Hawkins; CA Malte; AJ Gordon; HJ Hagedorn; BE Blanchard; JL Burden; J Knoeppel; AN Danner; A Lott; JG Liberto; AJ Saxon