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Oncologic Outcomes After Isolated Limb Infusion for Advanced Melanoma: An International Comparison of the Procedure and Outcomes Between the United States and Australia

by Keith Delman; Michael Lowe; MJ Carr; J Sun; HM Kroon; JT Miura; GM Beasley; NE Farrow; PJ Mosca; CR Farley; Y Kim; SMH Naqvi; DA Kirichenko; A Potdar; H Daou; D Mullen; JM Farma; MA Henderson; D Speakman; J Serpell; BM Smithers; BJ Coventry; DS Tyler; JF Thompson; JS Zager



Performance of a prognostic 31-gene expression profile in an independent cohort of 523 cutaneous melanoma patients

by Jonathan S. Zager; Brian R. Gastman; Sancy Leachman; Rene C. Gonzalez; Martin D. Fleming; Laura K. Ferris; Jonhan Ho; Alexander R. Miller; Robert W. Cook; Kyle R. Covington; Kristen Meldi-Plasseraud; Brooke Middlebrook; Lewis H. Kaminester; Anthony Greisinger; Sarah I. Estrada; David M. Pariser; Lee D. Cranmer; Jane L. Messina; John T. Vetto; Jeffrey D. Wayne; Keith A Delman; David H Lawson; Pedram Gerami



Lung Surveillance Strategy for High-Grade Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Chest X-Ray or CT Scan?

by Adriana C. Gamboa; Cecilia G. Ethun; Jeffrey Switchenko; Joseph Lipscomb; George A. Poultsides; Valerie Grignol; J. Harrison Howard; T. Clark Gamblin; Kevin K. Roggin; Konstantinos Votanopoulos; Ryan C. Fields; Shishir Maithel; Keith Delman; Kenneth Cardona



Implications of COVID-19 on the General Surgery Match

by Naomi M. Sell; Motaz Qadan; Keith Delman; Kevin K. Roggin; David A. Spain; Roy Phitayakorn; Keith D. Lillemoe; John T. Mullen



Long-Term Oncologic Outcomes After Isolated Limb Infusion for Locoregionally Metastatic Melanoma: An International Multicenter Analysis

by Keith Delman; Michael Lowe; JT Miura; HM Kroon; GM Beasley; D Mullen; NE Farrow; PJ Mosca; CR Farley; Y Kim; SMH Naqvi; A Potdar; H Daou; J Sun; JM Farma; MA Henderson; D Speakman; J Serpell; BM Smithers; BJ Coventry; DS Tyler; JF Thompson; JS Zager



Patterns of Clinical Response with Talimogene Laherparepvec (T-VEC) in Patients with Melanoma Treated in the OPTiM Phase III Clinical Trial

by Robert H.I. Andtbacka; Merrick Ross; Igor Puzanov; Mohammed Milhem; Frances Collichio; Keith Delman; Thomas Amatruda; Jonathan S. Zager; Lee Cranmer; Eddy Hsueh; Lisa Chen; Mark Shilkrut; Howard L. Kaufman



An Integrated TCGA Pan-Cancer Clinical Data Resource to Drive High-Quality Survival Outcome Analytics

by Keith Delman; Dong Shin; Taofeek Owonikoko; Erwin Van Meir; Suresh Ramalingam; Jeffrey Olson; Daniel Brat; Amy Chen; Shishir Maithel; Jianfang Liu; Tara Lichtenberg; Katherine A. Hoadley; Laila M. Poisson; Alexander J. Lazar; Andrew D. Cherniack; Albert J. Kovatich; Christopher C. Benz; Douglas A. Levine; Adrian V. Lee; Larsson Omberg; Denise M. Wolf; Craig D. Shriver; Vesteinn Thorsson; Hai Hu