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World Tuberculosis Day 2022: aligning COVID-19 and tuberculosis innovations to save lives and to end tuberculosis

by Kenneth Castro; F Ntoumi; JB Nachega; E Aklillu; J Chakaya; I Felker; F Amanullah; D Yeboah-Manu; A Zumla



Impact of mobile teams on tuberculosis treatment outcomes, Riyadh Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2013-2015

by Sami Alqahtani; Abdulhameed Kashkary; Abdullah Asiri; Heba Kamal; Jose Binongo; Kenneth Castro; Scott McNabb



HIV prevalence and the cascade of care in five South African correctional facilities

by Kelsey A. Stevenson; Laura J. Podewils; Vincent K. Zishiri; Kenneth Castro; Salome Charalambous



Estimating tuberculosis cases and their economic costs averted in the United States over the past two decades

by Kenneth Castro; S.M. Marks; M.P. Chen; A.N. Hill; J.E. Becerra; R Miramontes; C.A. Winston; T.R. Navin; R.H. Pratt; K.H. Young; P.A. LoBue



A packaged intervention to improve viral load monitoring within a deeply rural health district of South Africa

by Vincent Marconi; Kenneth Castro; J Brijkumar; BA Johnson; Y Zhao; J Edwards; P Moodley; K Pathan; S Pillay; H Sunpath; DR Kuritzkes; MYS Moosa



Tuberculosis Regional Training and Medical Consultation Centers in the United States: Characteristics, outcomes, and quality of medical consultations, June 1, 2010 — May 31, 2014

by Sundari R. Mase; Ratima Samron; David Ashkin; Kenneth Castro; Stephen Ryan; Barbara Seaworth; Lisa Chen; Alfred Lardizabal; Dawn Tuckey; Amera Khan; Drew Posey; Courtney Chappelle; Zelalem Temesgen