Kenneth Newell MD/PhD


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Gamma Interferon Controls Mouse Polyomavirus Infection In Vivo▿†

by Jarad J. Wilson; Eugene Lin; Christopher D. Pack; Elizabeth L. Frost; Annette Hadley; Alyson Swimm; Jun Wang; Ying Dong; Cynthia Breeden; Daniel Kalman; Kenneth Newell; Aron E Lukacher



Dynamic T cell migration program provides resident memory within intestinal epithelium

by David Masopust; Daniel Choo; Vaiva Vezys; E. John Wherry; Jaikumar Duraiswamy; Rama Akondy; Jun Wang; Kerry A. Casey; Daniel L. Barber; Kim S. Kawamura; Kathryn A. Fraser; Richard J. Webby; Volker Brinkmann; Eugene C. Butcher; Kenneth Newell; Rafi Ahmed



Scope and Consistency of Cancer Outcomes Reported in Randomized Trials in Kidney Transplant Recipients

by Kenneth Newell; EH Au; G Wong; A Tong; A Teixeira-Pinto; A van Zwieten; E Dobrijevic; C Ahn; CD Blosser; B Davidson; A Francis; KD Jhaveri; J Malyszko; A Mena-Gutierrez; S Palmer; N Scholes-Robertson; HT Silva Junior; JC Craig



A common gene signature across multiple studies relate biomarkers and functional regulation in tolerance to renal allograft

by Daniel Baron; Gérard Ramstein; Mélanie Chesneau; Yann Echasseriau; Annaick Pallier; Chloé Paul; Nicolas Degauque; Maria P. Hernandez-Fuentes; Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo; Kenneth Newell; Magali Giral; Jean-Paul Soulillou; Rémi Houlgatte; Sophie Brouard



Outcomes of Living Kidney Donor Candidate Evaluations in the Living Donor Collective Pilot Registry

by Bertram L. Kasiske; Yoon Son Ahn; Michael Conboy; Mary A. Dew; Christian Folken; Macey Levan; Ajay K. Israni; Krista L. Lentine; Arthur J. Matas; Kenneth Newell; Dianne Lapointe Rudow; Allan B. Massie; Donald Musgrove; Jon J. Snyder; Sandra J. Taler; Jeffrey Wang; Amy D. Waterman



Challenges of calcineurin inhibitor withdrawal following combined pancreas and kidney transplantation: Results of a prospective, randomized clinical trial

by Peter G Stock; Roslyn B Mannon; Brian Armstrong; Natasha Watson; David Ikle; Mark A Robien; Yvonne Morrison; Jon Odorico; Jonathan Fridell; Aneesh Mehta; Kenneth Newell



Alloimmunity But Not Viral Immunity Promotes Allograft Loss in a Mouse Model of Polyomavirus-Associated Allograft Injury.

by Steven C. Kim; Jun Wang; Ying Dong; David V. Mathews; Joshua A. Albrecht; Cynthia P. Breeden; Alton Farris III; Aron E. Lukacher; Mandy Ford; Kenneth Newell; Andrew Adams