Kristie Blum


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Complex Karyotype in Patients With Mantle Cell Lymphoma Predicts Inferior Survival and Poor Response to Intensive Induction Therapy

by I Brian Greenwell; Ashley D Staton; Michael J Lee; Jeffrey M. Switchenko; Debra Saxe; Joseph J Maly; Kristie Blum; Natalie S Grover; Stephanie Mathews; Max J Gordon; Alexey V Danilov; Narendranath Epperla; Timothy S Fenske; Mehdi Hamadani; Steven I Park; Christopher Flowers; Jonathon B Cohen



Efficacy and safety of idelalisib in patients with relapsed, rituximab- and alkylating agent-refractory follicular lymphoma: a subgroup analysis of a phase 2 study

by Gilles Salles; Stephen J. Schuster; Sven de Vos; Nina D. Wagner-Johnston; Andreas Viardot; Kristie Blum; Christopher Flowers; Wojciech J. Jurczak; Ian W. Flinn; Brad S. Kahl; Peter Martin; Yeonhee Kim; Sanatan Shreay; MAtthias Will; Bess Sorensen; Madlaina Breuleux; Pier Luigi Zinzani; Ajay K. Gopal



The prognostic significance of PFS24 in follicular lymphoma following firstline immunotherapy: A combined analysis of 3 CALGB trials

by Frederick Lansigan; Ian Barak; Brandelyn Pitcher; Sin-Ho Jung; Bruce D. Cheson; Myron Czuczman; Peter Martin; Eric Hsi; Heiko Schoder; Scott Smith; Nancy L. Bartlett; John P. Leonard; Kristie Blum



A phase 2 trial of alisertib in patients with relapsed or refractory B-cellnon-Hodgkin lymphoma

by Jonathon Cohen; Kami J. Maddocks; Ying Huang; Beth A. Christian; Samantha M. Jaglowski; Christopher Flowers; Kristie Blum