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Associations between DNA methylation and BMI vary by metabolic health status: a potential link to disparate cardiovascular outcomes

by Whitney L Do; Steve Nguyen; Jie Yao; Xiuqing Guo; Eric A Whitsel; Ellen Demerath; Jerome I Rotter; Stephen S Rich; Leslie Lange; Jingzhong Ding; David van den Berg; Yongmei Liu; Anne E Justice; Weihua Guan; Steve Horvath; Themistocles L Assimes; Parveen Bhatti; Kristina Jordahl; Aladdin Shadyab; Celina I Valencia; Aryeh Stein; Alicia Smith; Lisa Staimez; Karen Conneely; Venkat KM Narayan; Kabayam Venkat Narayan